Nenad Dordevic

Many entrepreneurs think that MONEY is the solution to all their problems. And many of them think that raising money is about promising more than what the next person is willing to offer. I strongly believe that good projects and companies (run by the right people) will always get funded. So, finding out what drives the entrepreneur and how strongly they believe in what they’re trying to accomplish is as important as the soundness of their business plan. Assisting clients in properly assessing their funding needs and helping them put together the best possible funding structure, given their resources and stage in the company’s lifecycle, is what I always thought was the best approach to finance.
My specialty is the structuring of financial transactions involving funding for international projects and businesses. Sources of capital include conventional private and institutional sources, Development Finance Institutions, Export Credit Agencies, Sovereign Wealth Funds and various governments’ funding vehicles. Past experience includes international law, governmental affairs, sovereign asset management, government procurement and government finance.
MBA – Corporate Finance and International Business
JD – International Business Law
Trust Specialist – American Bankers Association