About The Conference

The 13th Annual Kaleidoscope International Business Conference & Expo with the theme: “INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA: THE WAY FORWARD” is organized by Kaleidoscope Business Project LLC.

The event, scheduled to hold on July 12th -13th, 2018, at Holiday Inn, Atlanta/Roswell, GA, USA is predicated to opening windows of opportunities for businesses around the World to participate in infrastructural development projects that potentially accelerate the pace of economic growth globally.

This Conference aims at providing increased awareness of international and local investors to a myriad of opportunities for infrastructural investments in Nigeria. Thus, the Conference is a crucial platform that will intensify engagement of economic and political drivers on infrastructure development particularly in Nigeria.

Delegates at the Conference would meet and interface with potential partners from the private and public sectors around the global community. This would further enhance the spirit of friendship and the development of mutual relations, with special focus on infrastructural investments in Nigeria which is in line with the objectives of the present administration in the Country.

Developments in infrastructure are indispensable in propelling such long-term sustainable growth and capacity building necessary for broad-based strong economic growth. Direct investments in infrastructural sectors in Nigeria, such as water, power, housing, road construction and ICT, will translate to an increase in national aggregate output. The global economic balance has begun to tilt and new realities are coming to play. The key to growth is now shared between emerging markets and developing economies.

Nigeria’s enormous abundant natural and human resources, an emerging middle class and strong market potentials present very diverse and attractive investment opportunities for Global companies.

With a recent population estimate of nearly 180 million, Nigeria has launched important physical and social infrastructure reforms in recent years that create enormous potentials for rapid growth and national economic transformation through infrastructural development. Nigeria’s National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan (NIIMP) and the power privatization initiative that should increase the stability of power infrastructure are drawing strong, positive attention of international investors, development finance institutions and export credit agencies to the anticipated pipelines of infrastructure projects in Nigeria.

Nigeria is also more strategically important to the West Africa sub-region in the development of regional infrastructure connections, especially in the power, transportation, and ICT sectors.

Kaleidoscope International Business Forum is a platform for Policy and Decision makers to share knowledge and innovative ideas for future growth. It is the most comprehensive event of the year where Leaders from Public and Private Sectors would gather to share their expertise and experience on infrastructural investments. You are invited to directly interact and share your expertise with our dynamic and world-class presenters.

Among expected participants are Policy makers, World Business Leaders, Government officials, Investors, Financial Institutions, Development Agencies, Procurement Agencies, Journalists, and Private Sector Players.

For the past 12 years, Kaleidoscope Business Project LLC (KBP) has successfully hosted Kaleidoscope International Business Forums in different countries and cities such as: India, Israel, Nigeria, and the United States (Washington DC and Atlanta, GA). KBP has worked closely with the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Atlanta, GA), Former Nigerian Minister for Foreign Affairs – Odein Ajumogobia (OFR, SAN), Ejison and Company Inc. (USA), American Nigerian Chamber of Commerce, Georgia State Representative Keisha Waites, Former Chairman of the [Nigerian] Presidential Task Force on Power – Engr. Reynolds Beks Dagogo-Jack, OGTV, Africa’s Childrens Fund, Zion Keepers, Inc., DAAR Communications Plc, AIT, The Ify Show USA, Seagles Consulting Group, A&G Hildian Ltd and Periwink Experience Services amongst others.

The Red Carpet Event remains the high point of Kaleidoscope International Business conference programs in which we put aside the tough discussions, differing views, passionate appeals, and a variety of experiences, to relax and have a good time. It is a way to promote the impeccable style of our world business leaders. Commemorative crystals will be presented to various awardees, and the dinner will be served with great entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere.

This year’s event presents awardees with diverse and impeccable achievements in politics/governance, business management, administration, humanitarianism and the entertainment industry.  We are indeed glad to welcome you on board to this epoch making event – the 2018 Kaleidoscope Business Conference & Awards.

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